Kirkland Carpet Cleaning Specialists
Serving the Eastside, Seattle and Surrounding Areas... All points North, South, East and West in the Puget Sound Area!

Done Rite Carpet Cleaning will get the job done “right” the first time. Our company is the Kirkland carpet cleaning specialists serving the entire Eastside, Seattle and all Greater Puget sound areas-in short, we are the preferred carpet cleaning professionals in Western Washington!

We use state of the art technology to insure the highest level of clean. The ” *ROTOVAC POWERWAND CLEANING SYSTEM” provides the most advanced method for cleaning carpets to prevent future stains and insure long carpet life. Our trained technicians apply the patented technology to your carpet cleaning job to insure a cleaner, drier and more long-lasting result then traditional, outdated cleaning methods used by most carpet cleaning services.  We use the latest technology, the most highly trained professionals and years of experience which allows Done Rite to deliver the highest level of satisfaction for our clients.

Our technology cleans deep into all types of fibers and fabrics including newer generation of carpet fibers. Our technology’s primary benefit is to as closely as possible return the carpet fibers and fabrics back to their original state which will in turn decrease the amount of times necessary for deep cleaning your carpets and upholstery. Your fabrics and upholstery will stay significantly cleaner for longer than ever. This unique cleaning technology enhances the appearance of all types of upholstery and carpets, it completely enriches the fibers leaving them soft, refreshed and smelling much like the first day it was rolled out!


Most carpet cleaners just use the old manual scrub wand method because it has been around for nearly 50 years. Unfortunately, the old method only cleans from two directions producing mediocre results.

The patented  Rotovac  Carpet Restoration Powerwand has dual high torque motors to supply all the cleaning muscle our cleaning technicians need to handle even the toughest situations. The rotary vacuum heads thoroughly clean the carpet from ALL DIRECTIONS with hundreds of cleaning passes rather than just back and forth a few times like a manual wand.  The patented jet sprays loosen up the toughest stains and dislodge those tough soiled on debris areas.

We at Done Rite have chosen to pair the Rotovac Powerwand with our powerful  Hydramaster  truck mounted system that insures the water is 220 degrees guaranteeing the best result every single time.



The carpet in your home is the largest collector of dirt, debris, bacteria and dust. A regular household vacuum picks up the small particles visible to the naked eye, but not those harmful items that lie unnoticed. Dust mites, bacteria and other harmful organisms need to be exterminated, extracted and removed from the carpet fibers. The Rotovac Powerwand system with the 220 degree water exterminates bacteria, dust mites and other harmful allergens leaving behind a safe and healthy surface for you and your family to enjoy.  Other methods are inferior;  go with the professionals at Done Rite and you insure the highest level of technology will be used insuring a quality outcome every single time.

Do not wait, call today and schedule your appointment. See why our clients call us the “Kirkland Carpet Cleaning” specialists…..the Western Washington carpet cleaning specialists!